Warren Mosler: Modern Monetary Theory

Debt and full employment in a globalized world

Warren Mosler economist, former presidential candidate, and multi-millionaire, gives a lecture about Modern Monetary Theory. Mosler is one of the most influential proponent of Modern Monetary theory, he will give a short introduction to the theory, and how it can be used to address issues such as public debt and full employment.

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Warren Mosler is a man of many talents.  As a hedge fund manager, he managed more than 4 billion dollars, he has started his own automotive company, and besides being an economist he is also known for his book Seven Deadly Innocent Frauds of Economic Policy. Mosler is the father of Modern Monetary Theory (earlier known as Moslernomics)

In this lecture Mosler gives a short introduction to Modern Monetary Theory, addressing some of the central points in the theory e.g. the creation of fiat money, public debt, inflation and how to achieve full employment without creating hyper-inflation.

Mosler will also talk about how Modern Monetary Theory could predict the problems with the current construction of the Euro and the risk of the demise of Eurozone. Already in the late 1990s Warren Mosler predicted a future Euro Crisis.

What is Modern Monetary Theory?
MMT is the first theory to recognize the importance of the massive growth in the financial sector and the fundamental role money plays in the economy. It addresses the idea of why paper money with no intrinsic value of its own are so valuable and how are banks able to create money “out of thin air”?

As government controls money, it can also manipulate it to affect the economy. MMT views unemployment and the recession as the greatest problem and argue we should keep printing money until we reach full employment where everyone who wants a job has one


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21. april 2017

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