Danish Course

Improve your Danish skills and get more out of your job and your social life in Denmark.

Improve your Danish

In collaboration with Copenhagen Language Center, Djøf offers a variety of different Danish courses at a special price for members. 

The main benefit by attending a Danish course is improved conversation skills. However, at the same time you will improve your skills in reading, listening and writing. The teacher will continuously offer feedback and  meticulously supervise your development.

The course demands active participation and serious homework. This way you are ensured to get the utmost out of the course, and, further, a good opportunity to build a network among the other attendants. 

The duration of the courses varies between everything from 4 to 8 weeks with a total of 16 to 24 lessons depending on the course and the course level.

Once you have registered, you will be contacted directly by Copenhagen Language Center who will assist you in finding the right course for you.

Practical information

To sign up, fill out the application form and you will be contacted by the course provider, Copenhagen Language Center, who will help you find the right course for you. 

Price for Djøf-members (same for all courses):

  • Employed member: DKK 750
  • Unemployed member: DKK 500
  • Student member: DKK 300

Danish Courses

The number of different courses at various levels, should make it easy for you to find a course that match your requirements. Get the full overview of the available courses below.

Learn Danish on Saturdays at Copenhagen Language Center! You’ll get intensive Danish instruction on Saturday mornings, combined with online materials for self-study when it suits your schedule. Our Saturday Danish Course is available at all levels.

Our Saturday Danish Courses are perfect if you have more time for learning Danish on weekends. You can look forward to effective teaching methods and rapid progression.

The classroom lessons focus on equipping you to use Danish – speaking, listening, reading and writing – in all aspects of your everyday life.

Danish Course Standard is the right choice if you need to fit your Danish classes into a busy everyday life. You will have classroom instruction once a week, plus online materials for self-study when it suits you.

Classroom instruction is streamlined to provide the most essential learning. We progress quickly and the teaching is focused and efficient. Therefore, you must be prepared for a certain amount of homework to get the most out of the course.

It’s easy to learn Danish if you already speak a Nordic language.

It’s easy to learn Danish if you already speak Swedish, Norwegian, Icelandic or Faroese. At Copenhagen Language Center, you can take a Danish course specially designed for Nordic students. Classroom instruction focuses on the small differences – spoken and written – between the Nordic languages and Danish.

With our Danish for Scandinavians course, you will effectively improve your comprehension and ability to make yourself understood in Danish. We work intensively on improving your Danish.

The pronunciation course is for students at all levels, as the challenges of pronunciation are the same regardless of whether you’ve just started learning Danish or have spoken Danish well for many years.

Our course in Danish pronunciation covers all skill levels and can help you wrap your head around Danish pronunciation. We follow a fixed program of eight classroom sessions, each of which features a specific theme that has stumped many.

This course offer an intensive and highly effective online Danish course with blended learning. By combining the flexibility of online instruction with the learning results of traditional instruction, you will quickly improve your Danish skills.

We offer online courses at all levels, from beginner to advanced. With an intensive online Danish course, you get:

  • a flexible solution, enabling you to combine you Danish studies with a busy and changing work life
  • competent and focused instruction from an experienced Danish teacher
  • an intensive online course that employs blended learning to ensure your rapid progress.

This online course is for those who cannot attend classes in person every week. Perhaps you travel frequently or have changing working hours. At the same time, you are highly motivated to learn Danish and can study independently and with discipline. You must be prepared to spend 7 to 10 hours per week on self-studies.

The tempo is high and you will practice all aspects of leaning a foreign language:

  • Speaking
  • Listening
  • Reading and writing

If you’re planning to take the Danish Exam (PD3), chances are that you’re a little nervous about what to expect and how you’ll do. We’re here to help you get completely prepared for your big moment – the day of the PD3.  We have many years of experience in preparing students for the exam – that’s why we know how to deliver the instruction and guidance you need to feel assured and to maximize your chances of success. To attend the course your level should be B2.

Our exam preparation course gives you:

  • an introduction to the Danish Exam and the skills needed to pass
  • thorough practice to build every skill tested in the exam, and useful tips on text composition, reading strategies, oral presentation and so forth
  • ongoing assessment of your current speaking, writing and reading skills – and detailed feedback on how you can improve.

Important information:

The Danish Exam itself is not included in the course. You must sign up for the PD3 no later than 8 March 2021 through one of the schools that conducts the exam.

Learning goals:

  • You have a good understanding of the structure of both the oral and written parts of the Danish exam 3.
  • You have the necessary reading strategies, vocabulary and knowledge about the structure of the reading part of the exam.
  • You know what the written part requires and you can build argumentative texts.
  • You can present a monologue, discuss an unprepared topic and understand the examiner's questions.

Language level

When you fill out the registration form, you will be asked to choose a specific level for some of the courses. If you are unsure of your level, simply choose ‘I wish to be contacted by KBH Sprogcenter’.

Below we are providing you with an overview of the different learning goals of each level, but if you have further questions regarding the levels be sure to visit the homepage of Copenhagen Language Center.

A1.1 – Learning goals:

  • You can formulate simple sentences and questions.
  • You can exchange basic information about yourself and others.
  • Vocabulary: everyday activities and daily routines.
  • You learn to talk about the time and numbers (prices, telephone numbers and time of day).

A1.2 – Learning goals:

  • You can talk about something that happened previously (past tense), and plans and wishes (future).
  • You can use adjectives to describe things.
  • Vocabulary: lifestyle, housing, education and work.
  • You learn to express dates and years.

A2.1– Learning goals:

  • You learn to express views and assessments, and to state your opinion.
  • You begin to be able to distinguish between formal and informal language.
  • Vocabulary: friendship and emotions
  • You can express yourself more extensively about your everyday life, background and lifestyle.

A2.2 – Learning goals:

  • You learn to make suggestions, plan and discuss plans.
  • You can talk more extensively about your life story, education and plans for the future.
  • You can talk about experiences.
  • Vocabulary: free time and vacation, education and volunteering

B1 – Learning goals:

  • You can understand conversations about topics you encounter in your everyday life, at work, and in your free time.
  • You can talk about experiences, hopes, expectations and intentions.
  • You can provide simple reasoning for views and beliefs.
  • Vocabulary for everyday life and current events within the course topic.

B2 – Learning goals:

  • You can explain views and assess the benefits and disadvantages of something.
  • You can express your own opinions on both concrete and abstract topics.
  • You can speak fluently about everyday topics and your area of professional expertise.
  • Vocabulary relating to issues, justifications and elaboration on the course topic.

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