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Are you on LinkedIn?

- or can you afford to opt out?

Af Steen Vive

Recruiters agree: LinkedIn is the place to be if you are serious about advancing your career. Yet, I still meet other professionals who don’t use LinkedIn. Most of them fall into one of three categories:

  1. Indifferent and inattentive (“I have a profile, but I haven’t updated it in years.”)
  2. Computer illiterate (“What’s LinkedIn, and how do I sign on?”)
  3. A little late to the party (“I’m actually looking for a job, maybe I should try it.”)

In my opinion, even these types of people could benefit from using LinkedIn actively.

A means for insights

For me, LinkedIn is a means for cooperation, exposure, visibility and finding leads. I ask connections for input when preparing presentations. I use connections to engage potential keynote speakers for seminars and events and I approach connections when I see some benefit of working together.

On LinkedIn, I can share insights with my network to transform connections into relations. Future employers can see and find me. Equally importantly, I can see and find them; I can see their posts and updates and be inspired to cooperate or even apply for an opening.

Four pointers to improve your profile

  1. Use a professional photo with a background that compliments your profile
  2. Write a headline that inspires connections to visit your profile
  3. Focus your introduction on who you are and what you do
  4. Get your key skills endorsed by your connections

Why opt out?

LinkedIn isn’t for everybody. Personally, I would opt out of LinkedIn if:

  • My merits and results spoke for themselves without LinkedIn
  • I was a born networker and didn’t need LinkedIn to present myself or link up with people who could help me or who might need my help
  • I lacked the enthusiasm to update a LinkedIn profile. A badly maintained profile is, at best, irrelevant

I find all these reasons legitimate, but, since none of them apply to me, I’m on the bandwagon. What’s your reason for being on LinkedIn or for opting out?


Steen Vive


Jeg samarbejder med mindre virksomheder om at ansætte djøfere. Samtidig driver jeg projekter, der identificerer internationale jobmuligheder. Her på bloggen fortæller jeg, om de tendenser jeg ser i markedet, og de jobmuligheder de giver. Mit håb er, at du læser med og lader dig inspirere i din videre karriere.

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